Tear Sheets /Published Work

GEOGRAPHICAL (UK) Several page culture feature that ran in this magazine of the Royal Geographical Society. Photos from Fertility Festival / Procession through streets of small town in JAPAN.

Fertility Phallic Big penis Geographical JapanFestival

GEOGRAPHICAL (UK) Several pages feature of my photographs on the pilgrimage to Santiago, Galicia across northern SPAIN.

Camino Santiago  de Compostela, Galicia, Spain pilgrimage

Eight-page feature using my text and photography on rice productionproduction throughout the year. Article subtitled rice cycle it covered an in-depth report on planting, harvesting and festivals related to rice in JAPAN.

rice harvest countryside harvesting rice rural scenery Hiroshima Prefecture Japan

GEOGRAPHICAL (UK) Two of my Hiroshima photos ran in a world report article on Hiroshima, JAPAN

Hiroshima photo Hiroshima pictures Japan