Tear Sheets /Published Work

These will be added on a regular basis as and when I receive them from my clients. My photographs have been published worldwide and include...
(4 articles)
Japan Airlines in-flight magazine
(11 articles)
Korean Airlines in-flight magazine (3 articles)
Marie Claire(3 articles)
The Observer (UK) (2 articles)
The Times/The Sunday Times(UK)
(6 articles)
Front covers of magazines that have used my photos. (10 articles)

A selection of some of my published work, which is listed alphabetically by magazine name.
Magazines titled A-G, (26 articles),see below, and includes Geographical etc.
Magazines titled H-M, (38 articles) eg Marie Claire etc.
Magazines titled N-Z (32 articles) eg National Geographic Traveler etc.

Magazines titled A-G
A couple of my photo portfolios on Varanasi, and Sunset Silhouettes both in INDIA published in this well respected, and generally regarded, Japan's leading photography magazine.

Varanasi India sunset silhouette India

Double-page spread on Hiroshima, JAPAN using my photographs ran in this well respected Time-Warner Inc (HONG KONG) publication.

Peace Memorial Mound praying Hiroshima Peace Park Hiroshima pictures Hiroshima photos Hiroshima photographer August 6th Atomic Bomb Anniversary Japan

Seven page feature using my photos and my text on Mount Kailash the world's most sacred mountain in remote western TIBET.

Mount Kailash Mount Kailas sacred mountain holy mountain pilgrim pilgrimage Tibet

My sumo wrestling, JAPAN feature using my photographs ran over several pages in TALKIES MAGAZINE, a very large in size publication, (a double page spread measures 20inches across).

Sumo wrsetling sumo Tokyo Japan
sumo sumo wrestling sumo photos Japan

BIZARRE magazine (UK).Huge sculpture made of snow appeared as a double-page spread (dps). My photo taken at Sapporo Snow Festival, Hokkaido Prefecture, JAPAN.
SapporoSnow Festival Hokkaido Japan

CANON CHRONICLE magazine (JAPAN). My Moscow, RUSSIA portfolio in Canon's own magazine for and by Canon camera users.

Moscow portfolio

CANON CHRONICLE magazine (JAPAN) double-page portfolio spread of my images of Faces of INDIA.

Faces of India portraits in India

CANON CHRONICLE magazine (JAPAN) double-page portfolio spread of my images of Varanasi, the Eternal City on the banks of the River Ganges, INDIA.

Varanasi Benares,River Ganges Eternal City India

COLORS magazine, the quarterly publication of Benetton(Italy). Double Page Spread of my photograph of this parade/festival in Yamaguchi Prefecture, JAPAN.

Yamaguchi, Japan

COLORS magazine (ITALY)
Double-page spread of my photograph of tug-of-war held at Sports Day at a school in Hiroshima, JAPAN.

school children sports day in Hiroshima tug of war unusual festival Japan

Development magazine published my photo of Anti WTO grafitti photo taken in Zagreb, CROATIA.
Zagreb Croatia

DHL COURIER My feature on Buddha's Birthday celebrations in KOREA was used by this company.

Seoul temple Buddha's Birthday Buddhism festival South Korea


Front and back cover and feature titled Hiroshima Calling, JAPAN.

Hiroshima Calling, Japan Hiroshima photo Hiroshima picture Miyajima Hiroshima Calling Hiroshima picture Hiroshima photo Japan


Tsukiji fish market, Tokyo Japan fish market world's largest fish market

EVERYTHING SPAIN MAGAZINE(UK) TRAVEL|PROPERTY My camino pilgrimage to Santiago feature ran over several pages in this magazine. I walked from the French border to Galicia across northern Spain over a five week period.

Santiago de compostela camino pilgrimage Galicia Spain

4x4 MAGAZINE(UK) ran a six-page article using my Tibet photos and my text in the July 2007 issue.

Mount Kailash Tibet Mount Kailash Tibet
Mount Kailash Tibet

GEO (KOREA) MAGAZINE.One of the world's most respected publications used my photos over several pages on a feature on the Eden Project, the huge eco-glasshouses project in Cornwall, ENGLAND.

Eden Project eco glasshouses Cornwall England

GEOGRAPHICAL (UK) Several page culture feature that ran in this magazine of the Royal Geographical Society.Photos from Fertility Festival /Procession through streets of small town in JAPAN.

Fertility Phallic Big penis Geographical JapanFestival

GEOGRAPHICAL (UK) Several pages feature of my photographs on the pilgrimage to Santiago, Galicia across northern SPAIN.

Camino Santiago  de Compostela, Galicia, Spain pilgrimage

Eight-page feature using my text and photography on rice productionproduction throughout the year. Article subtitled rice cycle it covered an in-depth report on planting, harvesting and festivals related to rice in JAPAN.

rice harvest countryside harvesting rice rural scenery Hiroshima Prefecture Japan

GEOGRAPHICAL (UK) Two of my Hiroshima photos ran in a world report article on Hiroshima, JAPAN

Hiroshima photo Hiroshima pictures Japan

Full page spread with all of my photos and translated text on my feature "Using Ones Head" in INDIA.

Usin ones head in India German newspaper


Stock shot of Camino to Santiago de Compostela, a pilgrimage across northern SPAIN to Santiago in Galicia.

Camino to Santiago de Compostela pilgrim pilgrimage The Way of St James Galicia Spain Spanish pilgrimage Santiago

GLOBAL travel|culture|adventure magazine (UK).
My cover photo and six page feature with my text and photographs on THAILAND.

thailand cover story

GLOBAL travel|culture|adventure magazine (UK).
My cover photo and feature on rice production in Shirakiyama, my neighbourhood in the countryside of Hiroshima, JAPAN.

Shirakiyama rice Global magazine cover Hiroshima Japan

GLOBAL travel|culture|adventure magazine (UK).
My cover photograph and four page inside feature using my text and photography on Mount Kailash, the most sacred mountain in the world, in western TIBET.

Mount Kailash Tibet Mount Kailas sacred mountain holy mountain remote pilgrim pilgrimage Tibetan culture ethnic culture