Tear Sheets /Published Work

These will be added on a regular basis as and when I receive them from my clients. My photographs have been published worldwide and include...

Geographical (4 articles)
Japan Airlines in-flight magazine
(11 articles)
Korean Airlines in-flight magazine (3 articles)

A selection of some of my published work, which is listed alphabetically by magazine name.
Magazines titled A-G, and includes Geographical etc.
Magazines titled H-M, eg Marie Claire etc.
Magazines titled N-Z. eg National Geographic Traveler etc.

FRONT COVERS using my photographs.

Front and back cover and feature titled Hiroshima Calling, JAPAN.

Hiroshima Calling, Japan Hiroshima photo Hiroshima picture Miyajima Hiroshima Calling Hiroshima picture Hiroshima photo Japan

GLOBAL travel|culture|adventure magazine (UK).
My cover photo and six page feature with my text and photographs on THAILAND.

thailand cover story

GLOBAL travel|culture|adventure magazine (UK).
My cover photo and feature on rice production in Shirakiyama, my neighbourhood in the countryside of Hiroshima, JAPAN.

Shirakiyama rice Global magazine cover Hiroshima Japan

GLOBAL travel|culture|adventure magazine (UK).
My cover photograph and four page inside feature using my text and photography on Mount Kailash, the most sacred mountain in the world, in western TIBET.

Mount Kailash Tibet Mount Kailas sacred mountain holy mountain remote pilgrim pilgrimage Tibetan culture ethnic culture

INSIGHT JAPAN (UK) Front cover photograph of mine of this boy in JAPAN.

boy and telephone Japanese boy communication networking bizarre

THE OBSERVER (UK) NEWSPAPER. Full front cover page spread in the Escape travel section, of this popular national Sunday newspaper of a child begging in Bombay, INDIA.

child begging Bombay India

My front cover photo and story on Pusan, SOUTH KOREA.

Pulguk-sa Temple, near Pusan, South Korea

My front cover and photo story on Sumo wrestling in JAPAN.

sumo wrestling Japan

A couple of cover shots of my photographs. On the left a Shinto Priest blessing a new car. and the right shows a robotic road construction sign. I was the regular cover photographer, and produced over thirty covers, for this publication when I lived in Hiroshima, JAPAN. The magazine featured news and views in English.

Shinto priest blessing car robot traffic signal man bizarre HIROSHIMA PHOTOS HIROSHIMA PICTURES  SIGNPOST COVER PHOTOSMAGES IROSHIMA I

My photographs have been used on both the front and back covers of this international multicultural children's magazine.

slum children  india golden light boy at water tapgujurat india

THE TIMES (UK) newspaper used a Venice, ITALY stock photo of mine played large on the front page of the travel section.

The Times Venice photo